PATA COVID-19 Debrief Platform


A Debrief Platform is now available for you to receive online counselling services

#TeamPATA has established an initial four-month emergency Debrief Platform to provide psychosocial support and online counselling services to those frontline health providers who are experiencing heightened COVID-19 related stress or anxiety. 

As frontline health providers, you are vital to ensuring that the health system operates effectively during the pandemic. To do this, you need to feel strong, safe, healthy and well supported.

This is why you are now able to access online counselling services through the PATA network. All that is required is that you complete the below online booking form and then you will be matched with an accredited counsellor. The hourly online counselling sessions will provide you with a listening ear, and a safe space to offload worries or concerns. The Debrief Platform will offer one to four sessions as needed and will focus on basic counselling support, and strategies for self-care and stress relief in challenging times. 

The counselling services will be private and confidential – anything that you share throughout the process will remain between you and your counsellor. 

We will also make every effort to ensure that you see the same counsellor across different sessions, that the counselling sessions are offered at convenient times, and that the sessions are available in English, Swahili or Portuguese.

Do you need a listening ear, a safe and confidential space to talk? Book a counselling debriefing session by filling in the below booking form.

Your voice deserves to be heard. #NothingForUsWithoutFrontlineHealthProviders

If you are booking a counselling session for the first time, please complete this booking form:

If you are booking a follow-up counselling session (i.e. you have already had a first, initial counselling session), please complete this follow-up booking form:

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