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Senior Programme Manager, Cape Town

PATA is seeking a highly-skilled and organised Senior Programme Manager to work on developing and expanding its Clinic-Community (C3) Collaboration programme across sub-Saharan Africa. An estimated 150,000 children (age 0–14 years) were newly infected with HIV globally in 2015, 85% of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 1.8 million children living with HIV globally, half do not receive ART and for those who do receive ART, it often comes too late. Without timely treatment, half of the children living with HIV who are not initiated on treatment will not reach two years of age. The C3 Programme is a partnership between PATA and Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) to link health facilities and communities to deliver services together for a collaborative paediatric and adolescent HIV response.

Your role will be to lead the C3 Programme, with input from the Senior Management Team. As part of this, you will assist with innovative programme development and delivery, quality assurance and improvement, and research, to ensure high-quality implementation in alignment with organisational and county-specific priorities and programme strategies.

As a South African NGO, PATA coordinates an action network of health providers and health facilities across sub-Saharan Africa to improve the quality of paediatric and adolescent HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. PATA offers a powerful platform for regional collaboration through capacity building, peer-to-peer exchange and learning forums. The PATA platform supports the achievement of quality improvement goals to effect positive change in HIV paediatric and adolescent policy and practice.


KPA 1: Proposal / Grant Management (and Sub-Award Management)

  • Conceptualise and document proposals for grants, working with peers and seniors, and liaising with partners and funders to help pave the way for successful applications
  • Ensure that contracted scopes of work and agreements support PATA’s strategic goals and enable the ongoing development of promising practices
  • Manage a small portfolio of PACF grantees, ensuring grantees effectively monitor and track their work.

KPA 2: Implementation and Delivery

  • Manage the programme portfolio within the terms of its funding agreement and scope of work, to deliver the agreed outcomes across PATA’s stakeholders and partners
  • Develop short, medium- and long-term plans, budgets and working methods to deliver scoped outcomes
  • Manage the programme’s risks and issues, to dissolve barriers to success and adapt to changes in the programme’s environment

KPA 3: Engagement and Communication

  • Prioritise engagement with communities/clinics, ensuring that disruption and innovation initiated through the programme is manageable and within their capacity and tolerance
  • Lead the programme’s interactions with, and advocacy towards, Communities of Practice, communities, clinics and stakeholders, facilitating mutual support with partners
  • Develop and nurture a working, collaborative network of significant relationships with organisations and groups working in PATA’s area of core competence and geographic focus

KPA 4: Project data, reporting and administration

  • Formulate and agree an M&E plan for the programme, working with PATA specialist resources
  • Ensure a congruent, up-to-date and accurate, version-controlled library of project documentation including project plans, progress/donor reports, risks, issues and mitigations
  • Regular and complete, on-time reporting to all stakeholders, as required by PATA policy, programme plans and award agreements and conditions applicable.

KPA 5: Thought Leadership, Networking and Partnership Collaboration

  • Manage the Programme as a thought leader, innovator and advocate in PATA’s global network
  • Lead PATA’s thinking and articulating of best practice within the Programme’s scope
  • Optimise opportunities for research in paediatric and adolescent treatment and to contribute to PATA’s knowledge base and intellectual property
  • Foster relationships with and nurture dependency between PATA and organisations working in paediatric and adolescent treatment and care
  • Represent PATA’s active membership and participation in consortiums, coalitions and other external working groups and platforms.



  • Master’s degree (desired) in social science, public health or development


  • Minimum of 5+ years demonstrated experience in programme management experience in the health/ development sector with a programme of similar size and complexity, preferably working within an HIV-focused project
  • 3 + years working with administrative grant management environments, preferably with a mix of financial, administration and process content
  • Development, coordination and facilitation of training, learning and capacity-building platforms
  • Successful delivery of deliverables with high level of reporting that can show with measurable improvement in process, impact against risk, cost and / or service dimensions;
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