PATA is now Paediatric – Adolescent PATA RibbonTreatment Africa

2018-06-13T09:57:52+00:00December 20th, 2016|General News|

In a healthcare landscape that continues to evolve, PATA continually reflects on its contribution and adapts to changes in the sector. In line with this, PATA is delighted to announce that it will begin to trade and utilise the name Paediatric – Adolescent -Treatment Africa, whilst retaining its legally registered name of Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa. The acronym PATA and logo will remain. The shift in name affords PATA the ability to align more clearly with a scope of work that includes children and adolescents, as well as links more directly to the Fast-Track strategy to end AIDS by 2030. The new name is supported by a branding campaign and launch of a new-look website. This new brand identity and messaging will enhance effective communication and we hope will better represent and serve the PATA network.