Project Description

About This Resource Package

This resource package was developed in response to an identified need by health care providers on the steps needed to identify and address potential treatment failure among children and adolescents living with HIV. It aims to complement existing national and global guidelines on viral load monitoring and treatment-experienced HIV and to serve as an easily accessible reference within health care facilities.

Purpose of This Resource Package

The objective of this resource package is to provide general guidance on determining treatment approaches for pediatric and adolescent patients with a high HIV viral load. This document contains tools for use in clinical practice by health care workers in providing children and adolescents with the support needed to achieve viral load suppression or to switch to a new treatment regimen.

Target Audience: Who Should Use This Resource?

This toolkit is primarily for health care providers, lay counselors, and multidisciplinary teams working with children and adolescents living with HIV.

How to Use This Resource

The resource package is divided into three sections:

  1. Management of treatment failure algorithm
  2. HIV treatment failure clinical review form
  3. Adherence counseling assessment and interventions checklist