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PATA works through four activity streams:

PATA Forums

PATA Forums are collaborative meetings where multiple cadres of health providers convene for technical capacity-building, peer-to-peer exchange and the design of quality improvement plans.

PATA Incubation Projects

PATA supports health facilities to implement quality improvement plans through remote project management, technical assistance and the disbursement of small grants.

PATA Practice-Based Evidence

PATA disseminates promising and best practice models across its network. PATA advocates for policy and programmatic change through academic publication and presentation, PATA Summits and Forums and engagement with global structures.

PATA Connect

PATA Connect is a portfolio of web-based strategies and collaborative learning platforms that PATA draws on to maintain connection and share information within its network to promote shared learning and exchange.

These channels include:

Online resource hub
Facebook and Twitter