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Vol VIII Issue 1:

1.      PATA Awarded Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund

2.      Expert Patient Programme Updates

3.      PATA Local Forums in Tanzania and Malawi

4.      Great Savings on Technology Products for NGOs in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya

5.      Webinar on Disclosure

6.      Resources Available for Clinics

7.      2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum Opening Dinner Highlights

8.      Insight into one of the Doctor workshop groups at the PATA 2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum

9.      PATA Network Clinic Success Stories

PATA would like to wish the PATA network, donors and supporters a prosperous 2013, may we all continue to improve the lives of HIV-infected children!

1. PATA Awarded Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund

PATA has been awarded funding from the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund (RC-NF).  PATA is one of 24 organisations to receive funding from RC-NF. They received 1148 proposals which were evaluated based on their quality in response to intended outcomes.

PATA is proud to announce our achievement and commitment to improving the quality of care offered by paediatric HIV clinics in sub-Saharan Africa!

2. Expert Patient Programme Updates

All clinics in the PATA network interested in applying for the Expert Patient Programme can request an application and additional information from from 1 February 2013.

Clinics that are currently in the programme also need to reapply.

The Expert Patient Programme provides a stipend to volunteers who assist with task shifting within paediatric HIV clinics. Expert Patients help to free up the time of health professionals and provide more staff at the clinics.

The fourth tranche payments for the Expert Patient Programme have been released.  All clinics who have received an acknowledgement of receipt of funds from PATA must please forward their receipt to PATA as confirmation as soon as funds are received.

The Final Expert Patient Supervisor Report is due on 28 February 2013. Please email to request an updated template.

3. PATA Local Forums in Tanzania and Malawi

Three PATA Local Forums took place during October and November 2012. The Forums were held at Songea CTC in Songea, Tanzania; Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi; and Dignitas International Tisungane Clinic in Zomba, Malawi.

 Paediatric Palliative Care (PPC) was the topic for all three forums. PPC was a new area within HIV treatment and care to many of the teams. Participants were privileged to have a number of internationally-recognized experts in the field of PPC speak at the Local Forums. These included Joan Marston (Chief Executive of International Children’s Palliative Care Network), Dr Jean Tauzie and Dr Lameck Thambo (both from Palliative Care Association of Malawi) and Dr Zoe Palmer and Beatrice Manganda (both from Umodzi Children’s Palliative Care Service in Blantyre, Malawi).

Topics ranged from introducing PPC to the respective countries, effective models in Africa, psychosocial support and spiritual care for children, bereavement, and ethical dilemmas in PPC.

The participants felt more confident in providing holistic and comprehensive care after attending these local forums.

4. Great Savings on Technology Products for NGOs in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya

NGOs in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya are encouraged to visit the websites listed below to find excellent savings on technology. SANGOTeCH is an online portal that provides donations and discounts on technology products for non-profit organisations.

SANGOTeCH’s mission is for all non-profits or NGOs to have the technology resources and knowledge to perform at their optimum.

Please click the links below to find out more information:

SANGOTeCH – South African NGOs

SANGOTeCH Botswana – Botswanan NGOs

TechSoup Kenya – Kenyan NGOs

5. Webinar on Disclosure

A webinar on ‘Understanding Status Disclosure for Children and Youth’ is available online for interested teams. A webinar (web seminar) is a recorded presentation available for viewing on the internet. More or less like having a forum presentation by an expert done right where you’re at!

This webinar will discuss the importance of disclosure, concerns of disclosure and the disclosure process. You can also find a link to ‘Developing a Disclosure Intervention Model’ compiled by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) on this website.

Please click this link to access the webinar:

6. Resources Available for Clinics

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) helps to prevent the spread of HIV, meet the challenges of AIDS and builds healthier communities through their global partnership of community-based organisations.

Kate Iorpenda from the Alliance presented a Special Session at the PATA 2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum on ‘Family centred HIV programming for children’.

The Alliance website has valuable resources available in English, French and Spanish for interested teams to use. Here’s the link:

7. PATA 2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum Opening Dinner Highlights

Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille delivered the keynote address at the opening dinner of the PATA 2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum on 3 December 2012 in Cape Town.

Premier Zille said that in order to make progress in the AIDS pandemic, South Africans have to change their perceived cultural ways.

 Dr Daniella Mark, Executive Director of PATA reminded all attendees that 215 other PATA affiliated clinics from all over Africa were also joining them in their cause and that they were not alone. Dr Mark also encouraged the attendees by describing each person as a ‘ripple of hope’ who could make a real change in their community.

Getrude Guveya, a nurse from one of the Forum co-hosts, MildMay International (Zimbabwe) described how, despite many challenges, they had managed to surpass the targets of getting children onto medication. As much as 78% of HIV positive children in Zimbabwe are currently on treatment. She also emphasised that having no resources is not an excuse – there is always something that can be done.

Dr Elon and Dr Gambo-Jahun from Nigeria spoke about the biggest challenge in the fight against AIDS in Nigeria. The doctors described the process of filtering down policies to 36 states and 774 local governments by the central governmentas poor.  A direct result of this poor process is that only 12% of Nigerian children are on ARVs.

Executive Chairman of One to One Children’s Fund and Chairman of PATA, David Altschuler, welcomed everyone.  He spoke about the symbolic value of having the forum in Cape Town again, where it was first held eight years ago. Altschuler urged attendees to view Table Mountain as Nelson Mandela did, as “a beacon of hope”.

8. Insight into one of the doctor workshop groups at the PATA 2012 Southern Africa and Nigeria Regional Forum

The doctors’ workshop on challenges in the continuum of care reflected the common experiences in different settings.

Four key areas were discussed: disclosure of status, continuity of care, resources and points of identification.  Many doctors felt that they need more skills to make judgement calls on the when and how of disclosure.

The doctors are afraid that as children transition to adult services they will either be a loss to follow up or they will remain in paediatric care until their early 20s.

The challenge of having enough resources must be met with innovative ways to respond to this great need.

9. PATA Network Clinic Success Stories

Livingstone Paediatric COE in Zambia established a transition clinic which provides training for health workers on caring for adolescents. The clinic also held an adolescent orientation workshop to inform adolescents about their specific clinic times.

CAP Heal Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo has managed to conduct meetings designed specifically for the youth on different topics. Well done to these clinics!

Contributors to this newsletter: Fiona Mpungu, Heleen Soeters, Virgile Mahoro, Toast Coetzer and Daniella Mark.

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