Who is PATA

PATA has been working as an action network of health providers and associated health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade. PATA offers a powerful platform for regional collaboration, capacity building, peer-to-peer exchange and learning.

The PATA network provides access to valuable information and insights regarding effective paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery models. This information has the power to drive policy and programme change at national, regional and global levels.

PATA recognizes the critical role that frontline health providers must play in advancing the paediatric and adolescent HIV response.

In this context, and with a 10-year track record of developing this capacity, PATA is uniquely placed to support
the achievement of key global targets.

PATA Objectives:

Team PATA What we do

Expand PATA network, share  technical knowledge and  spread best practices in case finding, linking and retaining children and adolescents in care and treatment

Team PATA What we do

Improve service delivery by building and developing promising practice models in peer support, adolescent friendly health service, paediatric case finding and facility-community linkage

Team PATA What we do

Provide evidence and advocate for paediatric and adolescent policy and programme change

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