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PATA is an action network of health providers and health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to effect positive change in paediatric and adolescent HIV policy and service delivery on the frontline.

The PATA network offers a powerful platform for regional collaboration, capacity building and peer-to-peer exchange – closing gaps and building bridges for linking, learning and partnership in the paediatric-adolescent HIV response.

PATA aims to achieve the following on the frontline of paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery: 

  1. Build and support an engaged network of health providers, facilities and communities
  2. Facilitate platforms for linking and learning to share knowledge and promising practices
  3. Champion innovative and targeted paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery models
  4. Generate, collate and disseminate evidence and collaborate in joint advocacy initiatives and partnerships


To mobilise, strengthen and build resilience in a network of frontline health providers, facilities and communities on the frontline of paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.


That all children and adolescents living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa receive optimal treatment,
people-centred care and support and live long healthy lives.

Children and adolescents are at the centre of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic yet remain inadequately served.

“Children should be the first to benefit from our successes in defeating HIV, and the last to suffer from our failures.”

Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF

It’s time to prioritise reaching and serving children and young people in the HIV response

The pace of progress in reducing new HIV infections among children and expanding access to treatment for children, adolescents and pregnant women living with HIV has slowed significantly and targets set for 2018 have not been met.

 “The failure to reach the 2018 targets to reduce new HIV infections among children and adolescents and to widen access to life-saving treatment is both disappointing and frustrating,” says Gunilla Carlsson, UNAIDS Executive Director.

 “We need to act quickly to turn this situation around and honour the commitment to end the AIDS epidemic for the next generation.”

PATA´s action plan for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the frontlines of health service delivery into a state of emergency. PATA is responding to this with a COVID-19 action plan, designed to offer support across the PATA network. We have also collated key COVID-19 resources for health providers and have created a space for individuals to submit messages of support to frontline health providers.

#TeamPATA stands in solidarity with frontline health providers during this challenging time.

UTILIZE THE Preparation and management of COVID-19 PRESENTATION

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Slide Integrating peer support into service delivery: A good practice guide As a health provider in a busy facility you might ask what difference it would make to have peer supporters as part of the facility team and how you would plan and establish a peer support (PS) programme. This toolkit will help to answer these and other questions and will highlight the many benefits of PS. ACCESS THE TOOLKIT Slide READ THE PATA COVID-19 SURVEY REPORT
Use the Clinic-Community Collaboration Toolkit Download now PATA is delighted to announce that it will begin to trade and utilise the name Paediatric – Adolescent -Treatment Africa Explore our online resources Learn more Slide Learn more PROGRAMMES Slide Sign up for the be-connected course Join the Be Connected course

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