Advocacy and Influence

PATA is a recognised regional advocate, collaborating closely with healthcare providers and their facilities to amplify healthcare provider voices and facilitate their participation in policy and decision-making processes. Their invaluable, first-hand experiences from the ground offer critical insights and solutions for addressing the gap between policy and practice.

To enhance our understanding of service delivery needs and challenges, we actively engage with frontline health providers through rapid assessments, surveys and focus group discussions. These approaches not only enhance our understanding of service delivery needs and gaps but also enable us to collect essential evidence to support our informed advocacy efforts.

We need leadership, activism, and investments to do what’s right for kids!

It is only through healthcare providers that we can make progress in ensuring that no child is denied treatment and that new infant HIV infections are prevented by 2030.

PATA Advocacy Efforts

Our advocacy efforts are multifaceted and extend across various areas to support and provide evidence from the frontline. This diversified approach allows us to address advocacy from multiple angles, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful contribution to the improvement of healthcare policies and practices.

Supporting Healthcare Provider Champions
Collaborating in Advocacy Campaigns
Participation in Advocacy Platforms
Documenting Stories and Blogs

Healthcare Provider Champions

We actively support individuals within the healthcare system who champion the rights and wellbeing of children and adolescents. These are our celebrated healthcare provider champions.

Join us to acknowledge, show appreciation and value those on the frontline!

Advocacy Campaigns

We collaborate with partners and key stakeholders in targeted advocacy campaigns, amplifying efforts to drive positive change in healthcare services.

Engage Us. Our Health. Our Rights.

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