Celebrate your nurses this International Nurses Day!

On 12 May, we will be supporting International Nurses Day, and TeamPATA along with the READY movement, would like to use this opportunity to draw attention to the champion nurses on the frontline, who show up every day, acting as agents of change for the adolescents and young people at their facilities. We want to draw attention to how #MyNurseisREADY to use his/her resilience and resourcefulness in advocating for clients and championing child-and-adolescent friendly services.

Highlight the nurse who is advocating for you on the frontline

In order to show gratitude and appreciation for our nurseswe are encouraging the PATA network and the READY Movement, partners, supporters, donors and friends to use the template to give an example of outstanding service, show appreciation or acknowledge a nurse in your health facility who stands out as being a champion for children, adolescents and young people, who always looks out for you and your peers, and/or makes every effort to improve the quality of services offered to young people.

We also ask you to spread this template far and wide, and ask clients and colleagues in your networks to highlight their nurse champion.

You can find the template, as well as an example of what you might say in order to celebrate our champion nurses for this International Nurses Day.

It is up to you how you use the template: complete it as a word document and return it via email; print it, complete it and take a picture or it (alone, with yourself and/or your favourite nurse – it’s up to you!) and email it to us; share it on social media; send us voice note; or make a little video clip! It’s completely up to you! Whatever you prefer!

Please email stories, videos and voice notes to tammy@teampata.org or send them to +27 86 619 1623. Remember we want to start sharing these on social media during the week of 6 May so we need them back soon!

If you share your message on social media, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyNurseisREADY!

Celebrate your nurse in the week of 6 May

This is also an opportunity to really celebrate, appreciate and show gratitude for the nurses in our lives! We are encouraging and challenging you, during this week, to organise something special for the nurses at your facility that are working on the frontline, acknowledging them for their hard work.

Surprise them with a song, a poem, pick them some flowers or write them a card; this is your chance to show them how much you appreciate the work they do as advocates and change makers in improving services on the frontline, always doing their best to be friendly, supportive and helpful to you and your peers!

Share your ideas and show us what you end up doing for your champion nurses on the PATA whatsapp groups or PATA and READY movement social media channels with the #MyNurseisREADY. Make sure to tag @TeamPATA and @READYmovement if you’re posting on Twitter or Instagram!


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