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Terms of Reference for the development of three PATA Good Practice Guides for the READY for SRHR/HIV Integration, the Advocacy in Action and the Clinic-Community Collaboration trainings

Terms of Reference for the development of three PATA Good Practice Guides: Consultant

Over the years PATA has developed various resources for health providers, community-based implementing partners and young people living with HIV. Resources have included toolkits, face-to-face training, and online training, and cover content areas such as SRHR/ HIV integration, health provider advocacy, clinic-community collaboration, and the integration of peer support at health facilities. Such resources work to fulfil our mission of mobilising, strengthening and building resilience in our network of frontline health providers, health facilities and communities on the frontline of paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. Underpinning all PATA resources is the sensitizing of health providers to the uniqueness of children, adolescents and young people, their various needs, and how to engage them, or their caregiver meaningfully in healthcare, HIV services and to be a strong advocate for rights-based, person-centred care.

In addition to these resources, PATA seeks to develop Good Practice Guides in order to complement such resources. Good Practice Guides will serve multiple purposes. They will serve as a handbook for participants during face-to-face training; they will be a downloadable resource from PATAs Linking and Learning Hub supporting those with limited access to the internet whilst also allowing individuals not accessing face-to-face training to build their own capacity outside being a part of a PATA programme; in both instances, they will serve as a complementary resource to existing training tools and processes.

The consultant is expected to bring together existing PATA resources, including face-to-face and online training, into one well-designed handbook (Good Practice Guide) that can be used as a resource for health providers. These guides are to be used during face-to-face training as a resource to hand out to participants and will also exist as a downloadable resource for participants to study at their own pace at home. These guides will be developed in English and will later be translated into Portuguese and French. As PATA continues to develop new trainings there is a possibility of additional Good Practice Guides needing development.


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