Cephas Nkandu

Cephas Nkandu, Peer Supporter, Pride Community Health Organization, Kafue Lusaka, Zambia


Nominated by Peter Mwila, Pride Community Health Organization

What Peter Mwila had to say about Cephas Nkandu

He has helped adolescents who are both on ART and those that are not. He has helped adolescents living with HIV in accepting their status and taught them how to live a healthy lifestyle. He has helped adolescent young mothers living with HIV in understanding the changes in their lives and how to take care of both themselves and their babies. He has helped adolescents who are not living with HIV in understanding their sexual reproductive health, linking them to accessible health services. He is an adolescent game-changer, a role model and an inspiration.

What makes this peer supporter different is that he is a hard-working person, who socializes with everyone. He is a good listener, he is able to work under pressure, and is someone who always has time to listen and help out. He knows how to associate with young people, and he is able to lead the team in a peaceful way. He is someone who can work without supervision, and he can spare the time to go and visit adolescents in the community.

He makes the facility better simply because he is friendly and welcoming to all adolescents. He makes young people feel at home when they visit the health facility, and he assists the facility staff when they need a hand. He is able to encourage and comfort the adolescents when it’s needed. He makes the facility and community better by getting involved in community sensitization, school sensitization and by making sure that all the reports needed are up to date and that everything is in order in the office.