Mobile app training tool to improve access to psychosocial support for adolescent mothers living with HIV now live!

Ask-Boost-Connect-Discuss (ABCD), an adolescent co-developed package of care provided by young peer supporters living with HIV to reduce adolescent maternal stress, now has support groups  being piloted in four countries: Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. The ABCD mobile training tool, aimed at facilitating improved access to mental health support for adolescent mothers living with HIV, is live and in use, creating a platform for young mothers who are attending facility-based support groups.

Developed by PATA and the Universities of Cape Town and Oxford, as well as peer supporters and adolescent mothers themselves, ABCD’s mobile-enhanced tool is adapted from the World Health Organisation, Thinking Healthy Programme.


The ABCD team trained peer supporters in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia in February 2019. Training focused on facilitating support groups for expectant and young mothers, familiarising participants with the tool and its integration into existing peer support programmes.