PATA 2017 Continental Summit ‘Towards an Aids Free Africa – Delivering on the Frontline’ to focus on three pillars: FIND, TREAT and CARE.

The PATA 2017 Continental Summit ‘Towards an Aids Free Africa – Delivering on the Frontline’ will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23 – 25 October. Over the three days, it will focus on three pillars: FIND, TREAT and CARE that align with the super-fast-track framework for ending AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa for children and adolescents.

The PATA 2017 Continental Summit provides a regional platform for action – bringing together policy makers, programme implementers and frontline health providers. Together, by sharing best practices in case finding, DSD and resilience-building, we will strengthen our collective efforts to end AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020.

The themes for the PATA 2017 Continental Summit align with each day of the summit:


• Progress made against the global plan and AIDS Free framework
• Best practices, lessons learned and barriers in finding and testing HIV-positive children and adolescents along the cascade


• Linkage to HIV care, treatment initiation and retention
• DSD framework and best practice models for improved retention and adherence


• Resilience-building of and psychosocial support for HIV-infected and affected children, adolescents and families
• Resilience-building of health providers as a critical strategy for effective service delivery on the frontline

The key objectives of the Continental Summit are to:

• Introduce the latest global frameworks and guidance, with a focus on the AIDS Free super-fast-track targets
• Share best practices, research evidence and local case studies to guide the development of Quality Improvement Plans Facilitate dialogue between health providers and Ministries of Health to translate policy into practice and practice into policy
• Prioritise and operationalise the AIDS Free agenda, with a focus on DSD models
• Initiate a Regional Learning Collaborative Forum for Africa-based policy makers and programme implementers for ongoing exchange and learning

With expert speakers and a comprehensive programme to be revealed over the coming weeks, delegates are invited to follow PATA on Facebook and Twitter as well as keep an eye on the News section on the website.

Continental Summit reports from previous years can also be found here.

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