The PATA 2022 Summit we will once again host two just for fun awards, as well as launching two new awards. These will be announced on the final day of the summit and award winners will be recognised in the summit report, on social media platforms, and on the PATA website. 


This award recognises active social media enthusiasts, who promote the PATA 2022 Summit, driving advocacy and engagement.

 To enter this challenge, join the PATA 2022 Summit conversations on social media, using the hashtag #PATA2022Summit. The person with the most posts under this hashtag across Facebook, Twitter, or the Linking and Learning Hub Activity Wall, will win this challenge.


Let’s celebrate the health providers who are #DoingItRight! By showing off our moves. 

Leading up to the PATA 2022 Summit, you are invited to join the one-legged dance challenge. During the summit in-country satellites will also be invited to send videos of a group dance – we want to see rhythm, coordination and mostly, fun! Videos should be submitted to our satellite communication WhatsApp group, or to to be featured online during the 2022 Summit.  

Check out the one-legged dance challenge here:


In 2021 PATA launched virtual trainings on the Linking and Learning Hub, which aim to sensitize health providers to the uniqueness of children, adolescents and young people, their various needs, and how to meaningfully engage them, or their caregiver in healthcare, and to be a strong advocate for rights-based, person-centred care.  

 This summit we launch a yearly award that recognises and celebrated health providers who have completed at least one of PATA online trainings. The first awards will be handed out at the PATA 2023 Summit. Sign into the PATA Linking and Learning Hub to access the virtual trainings. 


PATA’s Me and My Health Provider Campaign celebrates nurses, counsellors, doctors, social workers, pharmacists, community health workers and peer supporters who deliver quality HIV prevention, treatment and care services for children, adolescents and young people in clinics and communities where they Do it Right, Do it Together, Do it Every day! 

 To read stories of health providers champions, or submit your story of heath providers doing it right, click here. Selected health provider champions will be recognised on the last day of the PATA summit, and stories will be featured on the PATA website.  

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