• PATA Updates - December 2021

December 2021

Wrapping up 2021

As we come to the end of 2021 “The International Year of Health and Care Workers” and begin our holidays, we are reminded of the commitment, dedication and sacrifices made by health and care workers around the world; of how these individuals continue to rise to face each new wave and variant of COVID-19, whilst enduring significant risk to their own physical and mental health, and wellbeing.

Sadly, again, another year has passed, where a lack of global solidarity in an increasingly unequal, and deeply divided world has resulted in unnecessary loss of life and livelihood. The global south often becoming collateral damage in the wake of nationalism, greed, and a lack of international cooperation. Dr Mark Ryan aptly describes in an online interview, how this pandemic has pulled off the bandage to reveal our historical failure to deliver and recognise health as a fundamental human right. The People’s Vaccine initiative also highlights the parallels between the struggles for access to HIV medicines and the glaring inequalities in access to COVID-19 vaccines. Join the call for the #PeoplesVaccine today!

The World AIDS Day report Unequal, Unprepared, Under Threat: why bold action against inequalities is needed to end AIDS, stop COVID-19 and prepare for future pandemics; the report warns that the world could face 7.7 million AIDS-related deaths in the next decade if leaders fail to tackle the inequalities that drive the HIV pandemic.

Eliminating vertical (mother-to-child) transmission of HIV and ending AIDS among children are listed as global priorities highlighted in the new Global AIDS Strategy 2021–2026: End Inequalities, End AIDS. New targets have been set for ending AIDS among children, adolescents and mothers in the Global AIDS Strategy but urgent and coordinated action is needed from all levels, to reach these ambitious new targets. WE NEED YOUR INPUT on how best to accelerate action, especially at community and country levels. Use this link TODAY to share your feedback on a new framework proposed for a Global Coalition to Eliminate Vertical Transmission and AIDS in Children 2022-26. Feel free to use and adapt PATA response here.

Wishing our PATA network and partners a safe and happy holiday, and to the many health providers working through the festive season, we say Thank You! We look forward to another new year of collaboration and commitment so that all children and adolescents living with HIV, receive optimal treatment, people-centred care and support, and live long and healthy lives.

Best wishes, from all of us at Team PATA

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