TeleECHO™ on Pediatric and Adolescent HIV Treatment and Care

TeleECHO™ is a webinar series on Pediatric & Adolescent HIV Treatment & Care, hosted by WHO and partners, in collaboration with PATA. These regular TeleECHO bring together health and care providers into the spotlight for strategic discussions, sharing of best practices and updated guidelines, offering practical recommendations in the treatment and care of children and adolescents living with HIV.

Join the TeleECHO™ series in 2023 on Pediatric and Adolescent HIV treatment and care.

Upcoming dates for 2023 TeleECHO™ series:
February 28th 2PM SAST
Paediatric DTG updates: where are we and what’s new?
April 4th 1PM SAST
Psychosocial interventions for adolescents: New insights and experiences
June 6th 1PM SAST
Disclosure of HIV status to children
August 8th 1PM SAST
Community engagement and empowerment
October 3rd 1PM SAST
Spotlight on youth engagement in West and Central Africa: Providing responsive health services
December 5th 2PM SAST
Advanced HIV disease

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14 June 2022

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5 April 2022

Safeguarding the future: giving priority to the needs of adolescent and young mothers living with HIV

8 February 2022

Index Testing

14 December 2021

Providing Quality Services to Adolescents and Young People Living with HIV – What are we Doing Right and What are we not?

2nd November 2021

Comprehensive Postnatal Package of Care

5th October 2021

The Role of Faith Based Organizations in Improving the Quality of Care for Children and Adolescents

7th September 2021

WHO 2021 Consolidated HIV Guidelines, What’s New for Paeds and Adolescents?

6th July 2021

Monitoring of HIV Services for Children and Adolescent

1st June 2021

New WHO HIV Service Delivery Recommendations

4th May 2021

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