As the frontline of health service delivery faces an emergency in the face of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic,  PATA´s action plan for COVID-19  aims to support frontline health providers across the PATA network.

The action plan complements a range of COVID-19 resources which target frontline health providers working across sub-Saharan Africa amid the pandemic, while still trying to deliver HIV services for children, adolescents and young people.

We have also asked frontline health providers to complete a survey, which has enabled PATA to better understand frontline realities during this time so that we can help you get what you need during this pandemic. You can find the results of this survey in the COVID-19 Survey Report.

The #TeamPATA website now has a space for individuals to submit messages of support and acknowledgement to frontline health providers as well as PATA resources and tools for managing COVID-19. Please submit your message of support here to let health providers know what we are thinking of them.

Looking to prepare and manage cases for COVID-19? Find the PATA COVID-19 Preparation and Management presentation, which you can use in your health facilities.

If you would like to talk to a counsellor confidentially about your fears, concerns or anxieties amid COVID-19, PATA has set up a Debrief Platform for frontline health providers. Book a session with a counsellor today!

From #TeamPATA, we salute all frontline health providers #NothingForUsWithoutFrontlineHealthProviders