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“For adolescents, doctors should realise that these are people who have graduated from childhood but society has not allowed them to graduate and they are irritated by this. They want to be liberated; they feel as if they are in bondage. So they are very conscious of control. So my advice to young doctors is that you should allow these children, these adolescents, to lead you. If you allow them, if you ask them questions and try to find out what they want, you will never have any problems with them. But when you try to tell them what you want you will run into lots of complexities.”

“Initially, I did not plan to be a doctor; I wanted to be a pilot. My father did not fully support this decision, So I studied to become a doctor. At first, I thought I was trying to fulfill my father’s wish by becoming a doctor. But, when I went into this profession, it gave me so much joy and satisfaction! I don’t care how much money is in my pocket, my satisfaction is the satisfaction of the patient.”

“Adolescents initially prove to be very impossible to work with and yet, very intersting too. Trying to lead adolescents seems to always lead to complexities. My approach is to let the adolescents lead me. This makes communication easier and allows me to find out the exact issues that the adolescents are facing. Since I have discovered this formula, I always allow them to lead, then problems become less difficult and we solve issues together.”