Project Description


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“I believe that the medical profession is like a calling. I grew up around relatives who were sick with HIV and I wanted to do something to help. I could have been a lawyer but I said, ‘No, let me go for medicine’. I wanted to help people.”

“Working with children just gives me the satisfaction that you are working with people who have dreams, they want to be somewhere. And so helping them overcome the challenges they have medically, I have realised I contribute to what they want to be. That makes me happy.”

“Working with children from the PMTCT stage too putting them on treatment and witnessing them adhering well. I see them develop and age from toddlers, through to Primary school, graduating from college and moving onto university. They are happy and living healthy lives. They come back to the clinic and say, ‘Thank you, Doctor´. Seeing them succeed in life makes me very happy. My work, makes me happy.”