COVID-19: Health Protection health guides and Security Measures for Protest Marches

Health Protection and Security for Protest Marches

We must take care of each other while the national government and the legislature — in alliance with the Chambers of Commerce, the banks, and big capital — obey the mandates of the International Monetary Fund but violate the rights of the people. We take care of each other and take to the streets to demand dignity and health without fear. We take to the streets in a state of emergency.

Wear protective face shields against the virus and against pepper/tear gas sprayed at your face. Face shields can be easily made from large clear plastic soda bottles cut in half. See instructions here. If you do not have a face shield, wear glasses or goggles.

Organize teams of street medics who have or receive medical training for emergencies. They can carry supplies (gloves, masks, sanitizer, eye wash, bandages) in backpacks marked with a red cross and help treat people while protecting themselves and others.

In the streets, always keep two meters apart. Avoid physical contact. Greet each other from afar. Wear masks: surgical masks, home-made cloth masks, or scarfs or bandanas. Conserve N95 masks for health workers.

If they attack with tear gas, don’t touch your face. Do not remove your mask. Never touch your eyes. Don’t get arrested. The jails are high-risk places for COVID.

After the march, when you get home, remove your gloves, mask, clothing and supplies and leave them outside or in a closed bag to be disinfected or disposed of. Clean your cellphones upon returning home too. They are the most used, touched, breathed-upon things we all carry. Wash your hands and bathe. Wash your clothes in hot water.

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