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“It is sort of a calling. I have been trained as a nurse and my last attachment as a student, I was attached to a paediatric ward and when I qualifiedas a nurse, I worked in a paediatric ward too. I just fell in love with those people, the children and adolescents. It is a calling for me.”
“I have worked with an HIV-positive adolescent since she was in secondary school. She is now 22 years old, a lady. I was with her when she stared dating. I counselled her up to the time she got married traditionally as well as up to the time she had a white wedding. I was in the family meetings, planning her wedding. I also did the couples counselliing with them and right now they have a baby and the baby is HIV-negative. That really makes me happy. The relationship we have built and the journey we have gone through together really makes me happy.”