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PATA 2020 Summit: Nominate a Health Provider Champion

The #PATA2020Summit is here! And PATA is inviting you to take part in some of these exciting initiatives

Are you attending the PATA 2020 Summit? Do you want to highlight health providers championing child, adolescent and youth friendly services?

Do you want to share the story of how your health facility has adapted its services during the COVID-19 pandemic? Would you like to raise the spirits of health providers during these challenging times and help strengthen solidarity?

We invite you to send a submission/s in your chosen category:

1. Show and Tell

Using a poster, a short story, poem, song or photo essay, show us what comprehensive child-adolescent friendly treatment, care and support services looks like in your clinic?

Send your “show and tell” to or, alternatively send it via WhatsApp: +27 72 674 1192.

2. Nominate your Health Provider Champion

Send your short nomination of a 450-word essay and give an example of how the person you are nominating is a health provider CHAMPION. Ask them if you can send in your nomination and request their permission to send it with a photo.

Send your short essay, together with the approved HP photo and short bio to: or, alternatively send it via WhatsApp: +27 72 674 1192.

3. #Jerusalemachallenge

The year 2020 has been challenging for health providers working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 and the HIV response.

We invite you to share your take of the Jerusalema challenge. Send your 90 seconds to two-minute videos (not longer that two-minutes) to: WhatsApp: +27 72 674 1192, alternatively videos can be sent to or!

Here’s a good example of health providers in South Africa taking up the challenge, watch it here.

The original song is by Master KG feat. Nomcebo – Jerusalema watch it here.

Some ideas:

For the Health Provider Champion nomination, the essay should be up to 450 words. If you choose to share a poem, you are welcome to recite or rap it and send us an audio!

Show and Tell, for the poster use pictures, tell a story but don’t use too much text. For the photo essay, create a story using only photos and captions.

For the #Jerusalemachallenge it does not have to be perfect, the most important person here is YOU and your colleagues at work having FUN!

It must give you comfort and be a reminder that you are connected with the global community of health providers through this dance sequence!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or .