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“I always advise the adolescents and all the patients I work with; to be active and try to live a healthy lifestyle and always try to educate themselves, not only about their illness, but also about general life and the world around them. ´Empower yourself!´.”
Nurse, Malawi.
“I get irritated when children report for more pills. Or when it shows that their adherence is not good. We, as healthcare workers, stress the importance of always checking that child take their drugs, to the caretakers. It’s frustrating when the caretakers don’t do their work.”

“My happiest moments are when the procurement of drugs arrives at the clinic and all the drugs that are needed are there. Then, I know every child will have access to the treatment they need and the clinic will be able to provide a good service to patients.”

“My advice to pharmacists, especially the young ones who have just qualified, is that they should work hard and they should be trusted by their colleagues and management at their workplace with managing all drugs, especially antiretroviral drugs because antiretrovirals are not easy to procure. Best wishes to young and experienced Pharmacists.”

“The best part of my job is when I dispense drugs… that’s how I know people are taking the treatment they need.”