Project Description

The Self-Care Matrix: A Unifying Framework for Self-Care

The Self-Care Matrix: A Unifying Framework for Self-Care

There is resurgent interest in the concept and practice of self-care as a means to improve the health, wellness and wellbeing of individuals, and as an avenue to mitigate financial pressures and growing demands on health and social care systems worldwide. An ongoing challenge has been the lack of clarity on the specific nature and entire scope of self-care, coupled to a lack of a universal or widely accepted framework that could support the conceptualisation and study of selfcare in its totality, in all settings and from different perspectives.

The objective of this tool is to advance a comprehensive yet pragmatic and widely accessible framework to support the conceptualisation of self-care in its totality, in order to facilitate the development, commissioning, evaluation and study of self-care initiatives across a variety of settings.

The Self-Care Matrix (SCM) is a useful framework that can be used to conceptualise and frame the totality of self-care and its various interlinked elements. SCM is intended for use by all stakeholders who are interested in the study, development, commissioning and evaluation of self-care initiatives.