Project Description

Transitioning HIV-infected children and adolescents into adult HIV programmes: Barriers and recommendations from frontline HIV healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa

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With the mass rollout of ART, many of the 1.2 million HIV-positive children and adolescents living in sub-Saharan Africa will survive into adulthood. As the first cohort of adolescent survivors reaches adulthood, evidence-based models of effective transition from child- to adult-centred healthcare facilities are urgently needed. Current data suggests that this particular age group is vulnerable to high levels of attrition within the continuum of care. Effective transition planning t, therefore, comes critical to overall HIV prevention, treatment and care within this key population. In order to advance the development of context-specific recommendations and best practices for successful transition, this study aims to identify barriers to and facilitators of effective transition to adult-centred services in sub-Saharan Africa.

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