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Youth Care Programme Team PATA

You(th) Care

You(th) Care (2022-2025) will enable adolescents and youth aged 10-24 years, especially girls and other vulnerable adolescents, in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia to advocate for and practice self-care for their SRHR needs and to increase access to (digital) self-care services and commodities.



GCC STARS will test a GBV package called Screen & Support (S&S) and will integrate PATA’s Clinic-Community-Collaboration (C3) model to guide conversations around experiences of violence and mapping resources to effectively respond to violence.

Vibrant Young Voices - VYV

Vibrant Young Voices

VYV aims to empower AYPLHIV to take control of their health, through capacity building and training of networks and structures of AYPLHIV, health providers and community partners, while investing in their partnership and collaboration.

Clinic-CBO Collaboration (C3)

Clinic-CBO Collaboration (C3)

Between 2014 and 2020 PATA worked with Positive Action Children’s Foundation (Now ViiV Healthcare Positive Action) across twelve countries and strengthened over 50 community-clinic collaborations.

REACH Header

Re-Engage Adolescents and Children with HIV (REACH)

REACH is facility situated peer support model that aims to improve HIV treatment and care services and treatment outcomes for adolescents living with HIV.