Differentiated Service Delivery for Africa (DSD4A)

DSD4A - Differentiated Service Delivery for Africa

Differentiated Service Delivery for Africa (DSD4A) is a project aimed at generating evidence on Differentiated ART delivery gaps and best practice examples in South Africa, with a special focus on young people living with HIV (YPLHIV).

The project is supported by the International Treatment Preparedness (ITPC), the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the South African Network of young people living with HIV (SAY+). Differentiated service delivery (DSD) is a patient-centred approach that seeks to tailor delivery of services to the varying needs of people living with HIV, while reducing the burden on the health system. This approach has been demonstrated to improve adherence to treatment and respects a rights-based approach to service delivery.

PATA will conduct a situational analysis of published and unpublished literature on DSD implementation in South Africa.

A PATA Forum will be utilised as a platform to share and document best practice experiences of DSD implantation and promote the development of action plans to advance DSD approaches. Project deliverables will include documenting a case study demonstrating best practice of DSD implementation, a report documenting key considerations and recommendations arising from the local forum, and increased participation and linkage of the SAY+ Network with key stakeholders to engage in DSD advocacy for YPLHIV.