Find, Test and Treat (FTT)

The FTT Programme is being scaled up for 2 years drawing from the lessons learnt in the 19-month inception phase (May 2018 – Dec 2019) known as FTT 4000. This intervention is being implemented in collaboration with the SAfAIDS, Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) in Zimbabwe under the national PMTCT and paediatric HIV response programme through financial support from Aidsfonds and technical support from PATA in integrating the C3 (Clinic-Community Collaboration) model. The overall goal of the programme is to identify and test at least 1000 HIV-infected infants and children aged 0-9 years, and link them to treatment and care, through a community and household centred case management approach. The programme will continue implementation in the three districts of Marondera, Kwekwe and Bulawayo through existing local partners with a scaled number of sites (health facilities) in each of the respective districts.

Documentation of Working Community Models and Case Studies

Find, Test and Treat - Case Studies

These case studies are a documentation of success stories in line with the community approaches/models used in implementing the FTT4000 programme. The document is essential in realisation of Objective 3 of the programme which is: Document best practices and share lessons learnt on working Community Approaches for sustainable case finding, testing and treatment of infants and children 0-9 years. The document brings out success stories; and also includes areas of improvement and recommended strategies for future implementation.