READY+ Expansion during COVID-19 Lockdowns

READY+ (Resilient and Empowered Adolescents and Young people) 

The goal of READY+ is for adolescents and young people living with HIV to be resilient, empowered, and knowledgeable, and have the freedom to make healthier choices and access services and commodities. Specifically, PATAs focus is on increasing access to, and use of, high quality HIV and SRHR services and commodities by young people living with HIV that are responsive to their specific needs. READY+ is being implemented in Eswatini, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, with the possibility of an expansion to Angola. 

Reflections from 2020 

Twenty-twenty was the year that shook up the world, the READY+ consortium, PATA and the way we work. It was a year marked by uncertainty, difficulty and change, but at the same time, has offered opportunities and key lessons in working differently and being more flexible and adaptive. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our reliance on frontline health providers, emphasising the value of PATA’s work with its network of health providersfacilities and community-based partners. 

PATAs operational method of working with in-country Technical Assistants (TAs) has assisted in ensuring ongoing and timely in-country support with regular site visits, and monitoring of quality improvement plans. TAs have been our eyes and ears on the ground and have assisted us to navigate COVID-19 challenges and service disruptions 

 Expansion of READY+ during COVID-19 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic as well as instability in Cabo DelgadoMozambique, PATA was able to deliver virtual training to health providers in four new sites as part of the READY+ expansion. The online training on Health Provider Sensitisation, AFHS and HIV/SRHR Integration was supported by the PATA in- country Technical Assistant (TA) and MoH focal person, as well the in-country Lead Organisation, REPSSI. Twelve health providers from four new READY+ facilities (Centro de Saude Bairro CimentoCentro de Saude Eduardo Mondlane; Centro de Saude de Natite; and Centro de Saude de Cariaco) were sensitised and trained on adolescent-friendly health services (AFHS), and HIV/ SRHR integration.  

 Advocacy in Action 

Under READY+, PATA developed advocacy training for health providers titled “Advocacy in Action”. Health provider advocacy has the potential to drive change on the frontlines of service delivery and influence the ways in which AYPLHIV receive and experience services. Health providers should be supported to use their experience to proactively raise issues, provide feedback, challenge existing practice and drive HIV-SRHR services that are people-centred and stigma freeThe online training was co-developed and piloted with health providers in Eswatini and Zimbabwe and will continue to be implemented across all READY+ countries as well as other PATA focus countries 

 Introducing READY+2 

We are excited to announce that READY+ (2016-2020) will continue to grow under READY+2, which will be implemented from 2021-2026. We are proud to continue working with READY+ consortium partners and stakeholders in ensuring adolescents and young people, and the environments in which they find themselves (community and facility) enable them to become resilient and empowered. 

In this inception year of READY+2, we will support and build our network of health providers. Health providers will be supported through various trainings in READY+ countries, including: PATA’s new Advocacy in Action training; PATA’s Be Connected Clinic Community Collaboration; and PATA’s READY for SRHR/HIV Integration training, which is currently being updated and converted into an online training. 

READY+ is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Maputo, and led by Frontline AIDS in partnership with AFRICAID/Zvandiri, Coordinating Assembly of NGOs in Swaziland (CANGO), Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI), Y+ Global, and PATA. Find out more about READY+ in PATA programmes page:  


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