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PATA Summits have been convened annually since 2005, connecting health providers from across Africa on a powerful platform for sharing experiences, peer-to-peer learning, capacity building, and coordinated action to enhance paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery. This unique hybrid event brings together over 5000 participants on the PATA Linking and Learning Hub, all those supporting HIV prevention, optimal treatment, care, and support for children and adolescents affected by HIV across Africa.

PATA Summits are unique in that they offer frontline health providers, who do not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend regional or international conferences, an inclusive chance to engage in the summit. Creating a unique and valuable event for global partners to listen to and garner insights from those on the ground, while providing an opportunity for frontline health providers to take centre stage, showcasing their critical role in the HIV response, and building their capacity to address evolving challenges in paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery. PATA summits are not abstract-driven, hold no registration fee, and provide a reality check on service delivery, keeping it REAL and sharing local-grown solutions from each country.


Position frontline health providers as key partners and champions in ending AIDS in children and adolescents by 2030


Highlight frontline health provider priorities and experiences, build capacity and, strengthen clinic community collaboration


Offer a reality check against global and national commitments, providing a platform where progress and everyday challenges, lessons, and real-world local solutions are shared and discussed

Previous Summits

PATA Summits have been convened annually since 2005, offering a powerful platform and valuable opportunity for health providers to share their experiences and engage in peer-to-peer learning to improve paediatric and adolescent HIV treatment and service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. These forums are the foundation to growing the PATA network and expanding our scope of work.