The PATA 2023 Summit, took place from 14-16 November 2023, titled “The Face of Care: Health Providers and Communities at the Frontline of Paediatric and Adolescent HIV Service Delivery in Africa” is grounded in the perspectives collected from 801 participants, across 24 satellite sites in the PATA 2022 Summit.

The Summit took place simultaneously across 33 countries reaching 1775 participants through regional in-country satellites, and virtually via the PATA Linking and Learning Hub. PATA summits have always offered a powerful platform for healthcare providers to share experiences and models with a focus on hearing and appreciating voices from the frontline. Dialogue among healthcare providers, community partners, networks of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) and policy representatives facilitates peer-to-peer learning intending to improve paediatric and adolescent HIV treatment and service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.

Summit Reruns

Day 1

Opening Prime Session
The Face of Care: Health providers and communities at the frontline of paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery in Africa

Africa Café 1
Enabling Factors: Strengthen participation, motivation and support amongst frontline health providers

Africa Café 2
Building Strong Teams on the Frontline of Service Delivery: What will it take?

Day 2

Prime Session
Beyond Clinical Interventions: The road to the 4th 90/95

Africa Café 3
The Journey of Disclosure: Real stories, challenges, and best practices

Africa Café 4
The 4th 90/95: from childhood to young adulthood

Day 3

Prime Session
Package of Care for Management of Children and Adolescents with Advanced HIV Disease

Africa Café 5
Managing Children and Adolescents with Advanced HIV Disease: Pathways and strategies

Africa Café 6
Clinic-community Support and AHD Literacy: Prioritising children’s rights and health needs

Clinical case review


Summit Resources