The PATA 2022 Summit, took place from 21-23 November 2022, titled “Ending AIDS in Children, Adolescents and Young People – a Roadmap to 2030” and called for us to Do it Right, Do it Together, and Do it Now! It took place simultaneously across 12 countries through regional in-country satellites, and virtually via the PATA Linking and Learning Hub.

The 2022 summit was directly aligned and themed according to the newly formed Global Alliance to end AIDS in children by 2030 providing an important convening of key providers on the frontline of the HIV response, across several high-burden countries in sub–Saharan Africa. The summit platform offered a reality check against global commitments and everyday challenges, opportunities, progress, setbacks, and lessons from our region where practical and real-world solutions were shared and discussed.


Summit Reruns

Day 1

Opening Prime Session
Building Momentum: Localising the Global Alliance to end AIDS in children, adolescents and young people

Africa Café 1
Closing the Gap: Between what we know and what we do

Africa Café 2
All In: Redefining targets, knowing who, and finding those who are missing

Africa Café 3
Service integration for comprehensive care

Africa Café 4
Screen and connect for improved HIV, co-morbidities, mental health, and violence outcomes

Day 2

Prime Session
Shifting and Shaping Strategic Priorities: What, where and with whom?