Unfinished Business II- Programme Reflections

Unfinished Business II (UB II) 

The onset of COVID-19, lockdown and movement restrictions necessitated new ways of providing remote support to children, adolescents and young people living with HIV to curb treatment interruption. Together with the Unfinished Business II consortium partners in South Africa, PATA facilitated the formation a small Virtual Support Working Group (VSWG) focussed on linking and learning across the consortium to share lessons and existing strategies and COVID related adaptations. One area of focus was exploring how to offer ongoing Youth Care Clubs (YCC) and group support remotely, using WhatsApp and Facebook platforms for example. Through the VSWG PATA was able to share different regional models, and develop a matrix of different strategies that highlighted benefits and limitations to consider amongst implementing partners,  AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), ANOVA, Health Systems Trust and Wits RHI. 

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