Unfinished Business (UB)

The ELMA Unfinished Business initiative is a coordinated and ambitious effort in response to the significant treatment gap among children with HIV. The aim of UB is to facilitate a linking and learning hub for UBII in South Africa to provide technical support, accelerate learning and document lessons, with a focus on integration of peer support and clinic-community collaboration (C3) strategies. UB aims to ensure that children and adolescents are linked to quality support services and life-long treatment.

Phase II of Unfinished Business (UB II) leverages Phase I’s achievements to accelerate efforts, address remaining challenges and achieve scale through direct support to the five highest-burden districts with the largest paediatric treatment gap in Gauteng (Johannesburg and Tshwane) and KwaZulu-Natal (eThekwini, uMgungundlovu, Zululand).  Using a consortium methodology, four implementing partners: Anova Health Institute, Wits RHI, Health Systems Trust (HST) and AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) were appointed under the coordination of CHAI to identify 176,776 HIV-positive children and adolescents and improve national paediatric ART coverage to 73% in South Africa through demonstrating the impact of an effective system to refer, trace, initiate and case manage HIV-positive children and adolescents.

The consortium approach provides a unique opportunity for implementing partners to accelerate learning by working collaboratively, receiving technical support together, pooling experiences and documenting cross-cutting lessons.

PATA provides technical support to Unfinished Business Phase II partners in the effective integration and documentation of peer support and clinic-community collaboration strategies with the aim of building an investment case for the wider adoption of these strategies.

YCC Implementation Guide
Download the Youth Care Club implementation guide
Youth Care Club (YCC) Workbook
Download the Youth Care Club workbook

Facilitator’s Guide for Virtual Youth Care Clubs

This guide will help you prepare, conduct and administer remote care and support using a virtual platform like WhatsApp. The guide includes 19 stepwise sessions that cover a range of important health and life skill areas with additional resource links.   

Sessions in the attached guide are based on the YCC workbook sessions as developed by Wits RHI and Cool Communications, a monthly newsletter developed by ANOVA Health Institute. This guide was developed by ANOVA who sought to continue providing support to young people living with HIV during the period of COVID-19 lockdowns. As restrictions are lifted, there will be a continued need to offer this type of support.  Remote and virtual groups can reach more young people, offers convenience and structured support between clinic visits or face to face support meetings. 

Through the Unfinished Business Consortium in South Africa, supported by ELMA Philanthropies PATA worked with ANOVA Health Institute to structure, strengthen and design these virtual sessions further to become a replicable tool. We are happy to share the final guidance with consortium and network partners in the hope that you may benefit from these lessons and adaptations made during COVID-19. We are confident that these sessions, with their practical guidance can be used as is or adapted for local settings into a virtual space, facilitating engagement, and offering quality care and support.