Who is PATA?

Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) in Cape Town, South Africa, was one of the first paediatric treatment pilot sites in Africa, and began rollout of ART in 2002. It became an important learning ground for visiting paediatricians and health teams from across Africa. Seeing this learning in action inspired the birth of PATA as a knowledge-sharing hub and network of health providers and facilities.

PATA Forums have reached and provided capacity to over 350 attending health facility teams from 24 countries, expanding the PATA network and its footprint across sub-Saharan Africa.

The first PATA Forum was held in 2005. PATA Summits and Forums (continental and regional summits, and local forums) are held annually and continue to create and inform ‘Communities of Practice’ in paediatric and adolescent treatment, care and support. PATA Summit and Forums provide access to valuable information and insights into effective paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery models. The PATA Summit and Forum process highlights operational barriers and offers a valuable springboard to develop small incubation projects that are documented and shared as PATA Promising Practices. This information has the power to drive change in policy and practice.

Through active participation in global and regional working groups and coalitions, the PATA network connects frontline health providers to global policy platforms, and builds improved linkage and influence from local to global and global to local. The PATA network offers a powerful platform for collaboration, peer-to-peer exchange, and south-to-south linkage and learning.

The name PATA is an acronym for Paediatric – Adolescent PATA History Treatment Africa, but also means ‘to touch’ in isiXhosa and isiZulu, and ‘to reach out’ in kiSwahili. PATA reaches out to mobilise, strengthen and build resilient health providers who in turn reach out to touch the lives of children and adolescents who can live long and healthy lives when accessing optimal HIV treatment, care and support.

PATA Activity Streams:

PATA aims are met through strategic pillars and activity streams: PATA Forums, PATA Projects, PATA Learning and PATA Connect. Each of these strategies are supported by PATA Capacity Building activities, information sharing and technical support as described below.

PATA Linking and Learning:

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